ShelterWerks was formed to present practical and high quality products with purpose to our friends in the outdoor world while purposefully building in sustainability and long lifecycle which in turn increase value. 

Our intention is that the majority of our products will be produced using Aluminum alloys and recycled materials and it is a given that they are designed with painstaking effort and countless hours of design contemplation.  Our designs are planned with the end-user in mind regarding how the product will be used and the abuse and atmosphere it might be utilized in.   

Shelterwerks background originates from Manufacturing Engineering and we strive for Continuous Improvement and functional products that provide the highest level of value and practical functionality to the end user.  You can be confident in the fact that we will not send you down the road with a product that we would not be proud to own and represent ourselves. 

The goal of Shelterwerks is to represent the 35 plus years of manufacturing knowledge with the highest level of integrity and value possible.  We will push forward to introduce the workmanship standards represented by the aerospace and defense industries that we have worked in along with manufacturing of heavy equipment.



Shelterwerks Partnerships