Shelter Lite 130


The Shelter Lite 130 target market ranges from tiny home lovers to overland adventurers to disaster relief temporary housing

2400 lbs Dry Weight - 15 Feet Long - Microwave - Two Burner Stove - 15 Feet Long - Stainless Steel Counter and Sink - Toilet Options - Rear Heavy Duty Rack - Queen Bed with Bunk Option - Dinette w/Removable Table



This model will include zero to 4 windows and 2 access doors minimum.  It utilizes a flat roof with a 1/4" thick Lexan skylight to avoid high profile vents and ac units that can be damaged offroad by overhangs.



The core frame for this version of the Shelter Lite is 5x3x3/8" alum angle iron


Exterior Shell

The Shelter Lite uses AN ACM or aluminum composite panel that is 3mm overall thickness with a thin layer of aluminum on each side and a layer of plastic in between providing excellent strength, long life and even an insulating factor.  The walls are constructed of 1-1/4" thick tubing and can be insulated with 1 or 1-1/4" thick insulation.  Optional 1-1/2" thick walls available!  The roof is covered with .050 thick aluminum sheet and the inside ceiling is also the ACM panels for an attractive and strong layer.  The trailer is insulated on all sides including the underside.

high ground clearance

The trailer is designed to be offroad capable with high ground clearance as a result of Dexter Torflex torsion Half Axle eliminating springs and axle tube, large 32 plus inch tires, and no tanks installed below to hang down and the jacks are not mounted under the frame either!  The result is a massive ground clearance below.


Lightweight Expo

The interior framework structure is welded with exterior cover panels that are riveted on to provide a stellar structural construction you are unlikely to find anywhere else.  The only carbon steel in this trailer is the axles, jacks and brackets securing the jacks.  I have made a huge effort to not use a wood component in an effort to avoid the potential for water damage and poor structural integrity.